"Kimberly was born with physical deformities of her face, hands and feet. She tried public school but quit before completing one year due to intolerable ridicule by her classmates and the disinterest of her teachers, who had decided it would be unlikely that Kimberly would ever be able to write with only three fingers on each hand. 

When she arrived at Hearts For Honduras School, the teachers asked if I was sure that Kimberly could stay in school. I responded, "Why not?" Her mind was fine, and therefore she was capable of learning.

We explained to all the other students that there would be a student with deformities, and that Kimberly was to be accepted for who she was. No ridicule would be tolerated. 

Throughout her years at Hearts For Honduras we did not have any reports of offense against Kimberly by her classmates. She gained the respect of the other students by becoming one of the top students in her class. She is continuing her studies beyond the Hearts For Honduras School and is being supported by the Sponsor A Student program.

These examples have taught us to accept challenges, be persistent, and continue to offer the opportunity for an education even when students don't succeed at first.

I am thankful to God that Hearts For Honduras exists so that success stories such as these can occur. Thank you to all who have made this possible. God bless you."


José Roberto Portillo

José Roberto Portillo is 19 years old. He graduated from Hearts For Honduras School, 6th grade, in 2006 and then attended Liceo Mesoamericano School on a scholarship provided by the Sponsor A Student Program. Liceo is the best private school in La Entrada and Roberto excelled in his studies. After completing 9th grade in 2009 he decided he wanted to attend one of the best agricultural schools in Honduras, Escuela Agricola Pompilio Ortega, which is located about 25 miles outside La Entrada. Roberto comes from a family where no one has completed third grade. His 3 brothers and 3 sisters could not understand why Roberto would want to leave his home to go to school, but his Mom gave her full support and encouraged him to follow his dream. On a Saturday in late January, the Director of Hearts For Honduras School, Paty Villanueva, went to Roberto's home to take him on his journey to his new school. With his suitcase packed Roberto said goodbye to his Mom and Dad and siblings and ventured into a new world. 

Children from Hearts For Honduras School rarely have traveled outside of La Entrada and to leave their family is a very big decision for all. There is great pressure to leave school and help earn money for the family. Roberto has graduated from the agriculture school on a scholarship from Sponsor A Student and he now is attending a public university in Honduras, once again being helped by Hearts For Honduras. Roberto’s story is one of dreams, perseverance and taking advantage of God given potential. Not only is Roberto a good student in the classroom, he is also a respectful young man, and has always tried to give back to the school that changed his life. Hearts For Honduras. Many thanks for your support of the Sponsor A Student Program. With your help, children like Roberto are given the opportunity to follow their dreams. Thanks to you, Hearts For Honduras School is an amazing story where lives are being changed every day.



Mildred started her education at Corazones Para Honduras in 2009. She was already 10 years old but she had never attended school because her father depended on her since he is legally blind. When he was 26 years old, he suffered a stroke which affected his walking, speech, and sight. With time he recovered his ability to walk and speak but never his eye sight.

When we visited Mildred's home in 2009 and we explained to her father what Hearts For Honduras School offers, he felt a little more comfortable and agreed to send Mildred to school for the first time. At the beginning it was really hard for him because Mildred assisted him in almost everything ,but fortunately while Mildred is at school now, he has the help of an aunt who lives next door. Mildred has been raised by her father alone because her mother died when she was just 4 years old. Taking care of Mildred alone from an early age has been extremely difficult for her dad because of his handicap.

Now Mildred is 14 years old and is very happy to be a student at Hearts For Honduras. She recognized that the help, education and opportunity the school has given her is very important since it would have not been possible for her father to send her to school since they can't afford the expenses of the other schools in the community.

On weekends Mildred goes out with her father to the streets to ask for money to be able to buy food and cover other daily expenses. With the help of some generous people, her father has been able to build a small house which he says is for her daughter, so when the day comes and he is no longer with us, she would have at least a roof above her head.