Rogers Family - 2012 Volunteers of the Year

The Rogers Family was honored at the annual Somerset Hills YMCA Volunteer Recognition Dinner. Members of the Rogers family of Basking Ridge established Help for Honduras in 2009. "Help for Honduras" raised money to help the Hearts For Honduras School to pay for supplies and tuition for children who wish to attend the school.

In 2009, Jack, who now attends Princeton University, and Ryan, a student now at Georgetown University, co-founded the Help For Honduras organization andplayed the major role for the first two years. Max, now also at Princeton and Allie, a student at Kent Place School in Summit, started to more actively assist in spring of 2012. Now that Max, Jack and Ryan are at college, Allie has taken over the main oversight role. Their parents are Rick and Pat, who moved to Basking Ridge in 1990. The triplet boys were born in 1993 and Allie was born in 1996.

“In 2009 our family sat down to reflect on how much each of us was spending our time. We determined that we all were not devoting enough time to serving other people. Helping others less fortunate should be part of who we are and reflected in our actions. We want to make sure that helping others is something we do on a continuous basis no matter where we are or how old we are”. Help for Honduras allowed us to make a huge difference in the lives of children attending the Hearts For Honduras School in La Entrada. Since we started we have made over $7,200 which has been used to purchase new books for the library, microscopes and other supplies for the school. In addition, all of us here in Basking Ridge can assist others by tutoring at a local level to help children receive additional academic support. This will enable these children to develop better skill sets and achieve better success in their classrooms.”